World Economic Forum 2014 Successfully Hosted in Nigeria
Mon, May 12, 2014
World Economic Forum 2014 Successfully Hosted in Nigeria
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan speaks during the WEF
WorldStage Newsonline -- The Managing Director of the World Economic Forum for Africa (WEFA), Mr Phillip Rosler, on Friday confirmed that a fresh investment commitment of $68 billion had been secured for African countries at the three-day global event hosted by Nigeria.

Rosler said during the closing media briefing of the forum with the theme, ‘Forging inclusive Growth, Creating Jobs’, that the  fund would be invested in key sectors of the African economies such as education, health, infrastructure and agriculture, among others

He described Nigeria's hosting of the event attended by over 1,500 delegates from about 80 countries, as one of the most successful  in the history of the organisation, adding that despite the security challenges in the country, the event recorded impressive turnout.

He said within the three-day span of the Forum,  48,000 articles were written on it,  pointing out that the figure was three times higher than what was reported in the last edition.

Rosler said: "It was a very successful World Economic Forum on Africa. We have more than 48,000 articles from these three days in Nigeria in comparison to last year which wad 16,000 and this is more than three times higher than last year. This is a proof that Africa is very important to the people of the world.

“We not only want to create a future of interest but we are committed to improving the state of Africa. To put all the monies together which was committed by the Chinese and others, we have about $68 billionin the next years for Africa and the African people for specific project like infrastructure, energy, health care and vary importantly education.”

The WEF boss explained that through the international event, the Nigerian Government had been able to secure huge solidarity around the world in the fight against terrorism, adding that the global community “will not allow the terrorists to dictate the African agenda and that is the real message from the WEF.”

Rosler restated the WEF and other international stakeholders’ commitment to the development of the African economies, vowing that they “will make sure that all these projects are successful in Africa.”

- By Adesanya Alao

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